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Let's make this easy and tell you the answer right up front: scanning is far superior! And if you're confused about what we're even talking about, here's what we mean. You may have a piece of art or an old photo that you want us to copy for you. Maybe you want a canvas print, gallery wrap, or even framed copy. There are two basic options for us to make a copy of your image. First, you can take a picture of your picture. Second, we can scan your image digitally. So, of those two options, scanning is definitely the way to go.

This reflective price is for raw scans only, we do not include editing or color correction in our standard scanning price. We do our best to provide clean, cropped images, if your project requires additional cleanup or color correction consider adding Photo Editing services now or later upon your file inspection.


Scanning up to 12x18
Images larger than 12x18, we suggest our high res digital photo options.